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The king of herrings, Regalecus glesne, an oarfish of the family Regalecidae, is found in all the world’s oceans, at depths of between 20 metres (66 ft) and 1,000 metres (3,300 ft). Its total length can reach 12 metres (39 ft), and it can weigh up to 272 kilograms (600 lb). The rarely seen king of herrings is the world’s longest bony fish.

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  • Beautiful nature
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    1. longfish is long

    2. that is a giant fish

    3. Oh, those are so cool!

    4. Beautiful nature indeed.

      NOW LET”S KILL IT!!!!

      Strange mentality us human have.

    5. I caught a waaay longer fish than that before.

    6. Murder!!!!

    7. Longfish is really long!

    8. wrote a song about it..

      humans should stick to killing each other

    9. @sab its not all humans, its just a sign of immense stupidity

    10. fucking murder!

    11. Ben Wright says:

      But do you think they know they are really long? Or do they look at a cod fish swimming by and think, “I probably look just like that guy.”

    12. ooh, yeah, let’s admire it then kill it slowly, running it down first, like picadors on horses chasing the bull in the ring and tormenting him with their pointed sticks. wow. sounds fun. i think hunters and fisherpeople should set their targets on endangered species.

    13. Hell ya Murder. I hope they leave it outside until it just about dies, then put it back in the water… then shoot it in the face. HAHAHAH Tree hugging pansies!!!

    14. now if that poor fish was found here in NZ it would have been taken out to sea and set free in its own safe environment to pro-create its own species.
      We dont see that species often if at all so why catch it and kill it?
      These people could learn a lot from new zealanders who value nature and strive to preserve it.
      Do visit NZ someday for a taste of nature at its finest unspoilt state

    15. I just want to point out that this particular oarfish was going to die anyway. They generally don’t surface unless they are in very poor health. The only healthy oarfish you’ll see near the surface are larval and juvenile oarfish. I can’t remember where I saw these pictures posted earlier, but it had a firsthand explanation of the event. There were a couple fishermen out on their boat and they saw it and tried to help it, but it kept beaching itself. Eventually it died so they brought it out of the water and photographed it.

    16. murder?? That applies to humans only doesn’t it? i think this is called fishing. sab, roberto, akaname,brian, al, tara, I bet you’ve all had a tuna sandwich in the past few months. its a fucking fish, they’re not clubbing baby seals!!!

    17. Hmmmm fish.

    18. Long fish tiz be long indeed

    19. One way to gain a little fame or notoriety is to take it from something inherently great, fascinating, or noble.
      To all things the time comes to die. Mourn if you must, but accept the unavoidable. That one came too close to the omnivores, so he’ll be cat food in no time.

    20. long fish is longlong!

    21. Long herring is beautiful. And delicious.

    22. Meh. I hope its relatives rise up, sink their boat, and eat them in revenge.

    23. That is murder…..tasty tasty murder

    24. Sad we have to kill it to appreciate it…another species for us to wipe out.

    25. It’s a fucking fish. It’s not like they tortured it or mutilated it. For God’s sake. If killing is always unacceptable, rip out your lymph nodes. Oh, wait, then some of your cells would die.

    26. No point in killing something if your not going to eat it .

      Sport fishing/hunting annoys me .

    27. The Beautiful nature, served on platters for 40 people, beautiful indeed(?)

    28. Hell yeah, I’d like to catch it! Then I’d release it. The fish around here are too poluted to eat on a regular basis, so I’d probably ditch it as quickly as possible to avoid glowing in the dark. We’re all hosed. Hosed, I tell you! If there’s any justice, some of these creatures will live to tell the tales of our follies.

    29. I think all of the people who want to eat the stupid fish are idiots! Salmon tastes way better…but what is the point of killing it and keeping it as a trophy? it will just end up smelling like bull crap! I think some of you people have the right idea about letting it go but stop preaching about it to us!!! quoting is so stupid!!!

    30. As another person that has lived in New Zealand, I think the above New Zealander needs to get the royal stick out of their butt. By unspoiled you mean infested with rats, stoats, and rabbits right? I’m pretty sure this fish would be served fried with some chips.

      Anyways. DAMN that’s an awesome fish. And geez guys. It’s not the last fish on earth, cram it.

      Just a really, really longggggg one.

    31. As Will pointed out, THESE PEOPLE DIDN’T CATCH THIS FISH.

      Oarfish aren’t seen at the surface unless they’re already about to die.
      While it’s stupid to catch something and kill it just for fun, it’s pretty stupid to make assumptions about how evil these people are when you have no evidence.

      Don’t be dumb. That includes making dumb assumptions.

    32. Hahahahaha !! Gooood I love the honesty !@

    33. have you ever stop to think that this fish eats other fish.

    34. also i just killed a 18 point buck last week. boy was it good.

    35. PHD in Photoshop says:

      This photo is obviously shopped, i cant believe you guys can’t tell!

    36. fisheh iz long eatz

    37. Poor thing:( it is sad how we can kill such a beautiful defenseless thing.

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